I started this site so Soldiers, Marines, and other interested people could find out there have been and are better solution then we’ve been given by our government and industry. 

 Every decade or so, a new batch of government engineers and military officers conduct  an extensive and costly study of what caliber projectile/cartridge works best for an all around infantry combat cartridge.  Throughout the world these studies have been conducted time and time again.   Regardless of which country’s study you examine, the answer is always .276-.284 caliber for a smokeless powder cartridge gives the best compromise of weight, recoil and lethality.   A quote, attributed to Ian Hogg, a British Military Officer and author of books on military weapons and ammunition:  "It is a notable thing that whenever, and wherever, a commission sits to determine the ideal caliber for an infantry rifle, they always arrive at 7mm - it is an equally notable thing that nobody ever gets a 7mm cartridge as a result of it."    The necessary studies and testing have already been done over the last one hundred years; all that is needed is to choose a "universal infantry cartridge" in 7mm that meets all the other requirements.          Realistic Military Cartridges 

  Real military rifles and cartridges are designed for one purpose, to kill or incapacitate the enemy as quickly as possible.  Because this is what every rifle and cartridge is designed to do, kill something, only people who are fortunate enough to live in a safe democratic society use them solely for target shooting. 


  Someone recently sent me a CD-ROM that included information on how to design cartridges, oh God! Now we have geeks with computers who think they can design better weapons and bullets.  Akin to the numerous home design programs out there: Now anybody with a mouse can be an architect or anyone with a calculator is a rocket scientist. So it should stand to reason (following the same line of flawed logic) that now anyone should be able to design a better cartridge?  I’m a soldier and a gun-guy who has a computer, not a guy with a computer who thinks he’s a soldier.

   With their 7mm Mausers, the Spaniards shot the crap out of us in Cuba. If it hadn’t been for a few 5th Army Gatling guns and artillery that just happened to be brought along, things may not have gone as well for the Rough Riders as portrayed in the movies.  The British met the same 7mm Mausers in Africa in the hands of the Boers and were equally shocked by it as we Americans were.      There are those people who love to propose their pet calibers or cartridges they designed for match shooting or hunting: Most of these people have probably never been in a gun fight.  And all those people who suggest one of those accurate Scandinavian calibers apparently hasn’t read Louis LaGarde’s book, Gunshot Injuries (ISBN 0-935856-12-9) and found out why the Japanese quickly dropped the 6.5mm caliber after fighting the Russians in 1905 even though they basically win that war.  Actually any country that had a 6.5mm or smaller caliber service rifle quickly ditched it for something of larger caliber immediately after any fight they got into.        People with their 6 mm and 6.5 mm parlor cartridges don’t want anyone to know that the Russian “Unified Cartridge” program in the 1970s tried these calibers to replace the M43 (7.62x39 mm) and M91 (7.62x54R) with one cartridge, this program produced no useable cartridge.  Knights Armament want us to adopt a 6x35mm and SSK is touting their 6x45UMC;  the 6x45mm wildcat (necked up .223 case) has been around for 50 years, it is a weak pathetic cartridge so how is the 6x35mm (.221 Fireball necked up) any better. 

  Combat cartridges should be as light as possible, to reduce carried weight, they must also be cheap; because soldiers are going to shoot a lot of them into empty space on training ranges to become good marksmen, and in combat because most hostiles don’t stand still for you to shoot them.  I wouldn’t even start to guess how many rounds were fired during the WWII siege of Stalingrad and 90% of those hit nothing.  Super secret cored projectiles are out of the question because they cost too much.  If you have to develop special bullets then you probably need a bigger gun.   

   Let, the would-be snipers and match shooters get their own rifle and cartridge. We don’t care if they can’t get cheap surplus brass or shoot their bolt guns in “Service Rifle” class competitions; they seem to forget what the “National Matches” were started for.  One of the biggest problems it seems to me is that match shooters and snipers get way too involved in the rifle and cartridge development and selection; their efforts are minor in comparison to the overall combat effort and their minds generally are focused on the 600 and 1000 yard lines at Camp Perry.  Snipers are more worried about the precision to engage at a longer distance anyway and getting their name in a book.  Snipers have their 7.62, .300 WM. and .50s they have enough on their plate. Some input from this group never hurts but it should not be a critical factor in the selection of a general issue rifle and cartridge.  Note:  Even the great Simo Hayha’s feats had little influence on the outcome of the Winter War of 1939; Finland lost 11% of its territory and 30% of its economic assets to Russia.


  Just take the proposed cartridges out and shoot something, and not just gelatin blocks. Gelatin testing mediums are good for engineers and the scientist to retrieve certain information from and are also to get reproducible data on simulated tissue damage in a controlled environment allowing them to be better able to infer what a bullet will do.  But to me the next logical step is to go out shoot something with a brain attached, so its response can be monitored.  They won’t let us shoot criminals, but we have lots of feral pigs in this country to shoot, (their muscle tissue is pretty close to that of a human), after that we can have a barbeque.  If, PETA doesn’t like us shooting pigs, we’ll just send PETA members to war with sharp sticks and rocks.  Maybe with sticks and rocks PETA can maintain a society where their biggest worry is how well animals are treated, not where they’re going to live or what they’re going to eat.


  There are those engineers and politicians who say it takes years to develop and field a military cartridge and weapon system. I call, “Bull Shit”, when we were bombing them into dust and the Russians were crushing them under foot, the Germans fielded an entirely new cartridge along with the first assault rifle, and in two years managed to produce nearly half million of these assault rifles.


  When it’s all said and done, select the cartridge that bests kills or incapacitates and go with it regardless of whose ego or feelings are hurt, or where it was developed.


  Please forgive me; I may get a little redundant during my ranting.



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